Monday, December 16, 2013

Check out this weird shit I found.

Hello friends. I have a pleasant surprise for you.

I was in an abandoned school in the middle of nowhere.
I found a bunch of poster prints, on quality, undamaged cardstock.
The first bunch were smaller, measuring 9x14".
They depict kids making different expressions, or hand gestures, or postures.

Portraits and Gestures

Check them out!

They're for sale. $20 for the print, 25$ in a frame.

But it gets better, friends.
Beneath those smaller prints, were larger, stranger prints. Same card stock. This time, they're double-sided.
I will note which images go with which card.
They depict young children getting into all sorts of bizarre trouble.
Some tame, others less tame.
The scientific charts have information on the back, but nothing worth scanning.

Illustrations and Geosciences

Check these out as well!

They're for sale. $30 for the print, $40 in a frame.

They look beautiful framed. They'd make great gifts.
If you're interested, or if you have any questions, send me a note: winslowdumaine at

One last thing, for all you photoshoppers.

I took massive scans of all these images, each one saved to a 50mb .tif file.
If you would like to use them for your work, let me know.

Thanks for looking. Happy hunting.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Shining - One One One

Most of rock is a dull paste of tough-guy posturing and swole; a rank abortion of date-rapist jocks and sneering party-rats that, if anything, merely flirt with artistic validity. Every so often, a band will stand out from the preening duncecocks with concerted efforts towards artistic and intellectual significance. Shining is one of those hallowed bands.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Music Recommendation Motherlode

I get a lot of people asking me for here it is:

Do you nutmeats want some music recommendations?

Normally, I write big explanations for the things like this, but I’m not going to waste your time. These are bands I like. This is good music. Pre-approved by me. Here.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Holes at Gethsemane (My first album release!)

Youtube Main track:
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My MetalBandNames twitter:!/MetalNames

Holes at Gethsemane is a radio-comedy retelling of my two favorite bible stories, inspired by Firesign Theatre’s flow-of-consciousness style stoner-humor. It’s my first album release of any kind.

‘Holes’ is a product of a many small changes in my attitude and personality. Recently, I realized that too many of my beliefs relied on the negative, in that they focused too much on striking down the beliefs of others. I needed something more productive, but I still find the crazy things other people believe to be enormously entertaining. I kept this element, but I augmented it with creativity, in an effort to turn my anger into a viable artistic endeavor.

The bible, to me and many million others, is a tremendous omnibus of legends and folklore. For its reputation as a great work of perfect morals and ground-breaking ethical revelations, I find it to be nothing more than a compilation of hilariously absurd, wildly nonsensical and downright filthy stories. I feel that, while most of my countrymen are familiar with the most major bible stories, some of the best and strangest are overlooked. I want to poke holes in the logic of these stories, and show my listeners how ludicrous the bible really is.

The characters for this piece are fairly straight forward. The relationship between God and Christ is based on the profane prepubescent gamers on Xbox live, who are infamous for their utter lack of filter and general misanthropic whining. I wanted God and Christ to be roommates who, having lived with each other since the beginning of time, have grown sick of each other and now just bicker bitterly.

My version of Christ finds him as a world-weary asshole, who knows exactly what he has to do in order to get back into heaven. That being said, the reward of returning to heaven isn’t that such a lovely prize when his kingdom is inhabited by sycophants and mewling onlookers, where he lives as an eternal celebrity being mobbed by a sea of screaming fans. He got a raw deal, and now he must live his life on a shithole planet, inhabited by nothing but hostile, illiterate mongrels, get betrayed by one of his best friends, be tortured for hours, die, go into the depths of hell, and then return to live with his dad. You’d be unhappy, too.

I’d be interested in re-telling other bible stories, either from different parts of the book, or to continue where this one left off. I’ve got several other comedic works that would be fantastic as radio-dramas.

Dead Animal Kingdom: A socially conflicted group of scavengers are trapped in a military controlled no-living-beings-allowed area, after bizarre animal-human hybridization triggers a nuclear war.

The Purple Avenger: A miserable pseudo-superhero hunts down the world’s most ruthless capitalist after he learns of his plans to create a second Texas, suspended above the Amazon jungle.

Devil: Set in the 1950's, a group of young boys cite odd coincidences and Christian symbolism in their plan to murder the fifteen year old that moved into to their neighborhood.

The Red Sound: A cataclysmic tremor and the brain-death of hundreds of WWI soldiers finds a Philadelphia psychiatrist studying the trans-dimensional visions had by a few of the survivors, only to find that he has been marked for deletion by an otherworldly entity known as 'The Red God'.

Let me know what you think about Holes and, if you’re interested, tell me what else you’d like to see from me!

Thanks for listening,

Winslow Dumaine

Friday, February 24, 2012

On Homophobia

Homophobia baffles me. I understand the cause behind racism and sexism, even ageism, as those tend to have measurable social connotations. While they're still destructive, dehumanizing and morally abhorrent, I understand where they come from. It makes sense that they exist.

But homophobia confounds me. I couldn't give any less of a shit about what my neighbors do in their bedroom. I can't be bothered to care. If somebody likes things in their ass, or prefers the company of girls over boys, or vice versa, it means absolutely nothing to me.

I think homophobia can be countered with a simple question. Now, whether or not the bigoted prick you're talking to actually thinks about the question or answers with a cogent reply is another story entirely. Simply ask them: Why do you give a shit? Why does it matter to you?

Why the fuck do you care? It's not your asshole that is being dilated. It's someone elses. It's not your vagina that's getting another vagina mushed against it, it's someone elses.

Gay people aren't trying to take away straight sex, or ban straight marriages. They just want to have gay sex, go on gay dates and get gay married. Once they can do that without being beaten to death by a Jesus-slave-turbotard, they can finally drop the 'gay' prefix and just call it sex, dating and marriage.

Mind your own fucking business.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Anaal Nathrakh - Passion

Anaal Nathrakh’s ‘Passion’ sounds like the final evolutionary step of heavy metal music. It combines unspeakably extreme, wall-of-sound mixing, absurdly fast and intricate drums, searing riffs with the most violent vocals imaginable. Frequently, the shrieking departs from the standard death-metal howls and enters a dark new territory of disturbingly convincing pained-yelps, and hoarse, tearful cries. AN has long been one of the honored and reviled chaplains of extreme metal, and with this release, they have offered up the audio equivalent to a mass-extinction event. It’s the noise of pigs being slaughtered, the treads of tanks shredding through bones and flesh. If music is ever going to be fully weaponized, these British bastards are at the top of the list.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

On OWS and the Notion of Change

Reading more politics has done two things recently; deconverted me from being an Obama supporter and introduced me to a profound feeling that we are just moments away from a cataclysmic event regarding these protests. An event that would irrevocably elevate the protests from being a sisyphean struggle for representation to something just beneath a civil uprising. This would involve actual military police, instead of the regular militarized police that we have seen already. This would mean lethal force and dead protesters and further authorized savagery.

The few good cops have cried out for representation as they are grouped with the barbarians who routinely beat and kill innocent citizens, (I am referring to the blase reaction when drug raids result in dead children, pets, parents, homeowners, because the enforcement invaded the wrong home) but ignoring the evils of another as just as evil as comitting the act. The veil of silence and above-the-law thinking has turned our public servants into a singularly base and exceprionally depraved organism, heeding only the will of their prepurchased oligarchical chieftains.

Recently, officers forcibly open the mouths of protestors and pumped their lungs with pepper spray. Victims of this bizarre cruelty were seen vomiting blood for 45 minutes. Im on a tablet so i will revisit this post later with a link to the story if so desired.

Pepper spray when used for its intended purpose, can successfully dissipate angry mobs. Spraying it on peaceful protestors is not only illegal but immoral and unethical, but using a crowd dispersant to bring about such a gut wrenching pain is almost surreal.

But what will it actually take? How many more veterans will have their skulls cracked open, their guts ruptured, their lives endangered? How deeply do the commonfolk need to be fucked by big business before they realize that both republicans and democrats are almost universally bought and paid for by the highest paid one percent?

And will this ever happen? Will this protest fizzle and vanish like so many others? My inexperienced 20 year old mind wants to believe that my generation will witness the revolution, but i am sure countless others before me have had similar desires.

Will OWS bring about any actual change?